Where was I again? – falling off the blog waggon

I have been feeling quite lazy with my hair. Quite QUITE lazy actually. It’s like life snuck up on me, mugged my blogging life and left me for dead 5 months ago.
When did I become that girl? I think I know better.


Let me give you bullet points on what happened in my life in the last 5 months

  • I got braids done – but I  had to take the braids out of my hair in order to force myself to wash and condition it.
  • I undid my braids and did my relaxer 3 days later (I had reached a point where I was terrified to comb it because of the neglect while I had the braids in)
  • I did not put my hair in a protective style till 2 weeks ago I have had my hair in a bun most days
  • I have a very simple very basic braid care routine: see the picture below for details.


simplest braid care routine ever. click for more details.

The most basic of hair routines

  • I made my own clip-in extensions that blend (almost perfectly) with my hair.
  • I fell in love with Elasta QP products (that conditioner and treatment are the best thing that happened to me)
  • I hate setting my hair. I have all the different roller types (perm rods, flexi rods, giant magnetic rollers, regular rollers) but I just am not into it..
  • I had some fun with my hair free.
  • I used heat a lot more than I planned to  – although I used heat protectant every time
  • I did a few braid outs and twist outs over Christmas and had fuss free hair
  • Not all products are created equal. I actually realised that my hair simply doesn’t like certain products.
  • I am Team “Liquid, Cream, Oil” for my moisturising and sealing.
  • The worst thing that happened when the blog went silent is that I lost touch with all my hairlistas! I haven’t been on Hairlista and I haven’t been on anyone’s site to read their blogs in a while
  • I stopped FB and Instagramming … I feel so disconnected. (fixing that now)
  • Not everything was bad about my break: I fell crazy in love with my continent and its people and I have decided to get up and do something to make a difference in the motherland.


This is an etsy listing but it speaks to my heart. Get it here

This is an etsy listing but it speaks to my heart. Get it here

  • Part of loving Africa is realising how important it is to have black people know more about themselves and their hair too (more on this topic soon).
  • I have 2 more nieces now! So I feel I need to get a hair regimen for kids sorted out ASAP so I can be the best aunt of 2016.
  • I learnt not to judge other bloggers when they go quiet. I have been bugging Tendayi from africanhairblog.com  to write posts but now I can be more gracious as life has shown me it happens to us all.

I wish I had never taken a break from blogging: Its like I lost a lot of momentum and literally lost my train of thought: what did I want to tell you next? Is what I wanted to tell you still relevant?

I wanted to thank all the guys that have been hunting me down and getting me to blog again: and the person that just subscribed last week in spite of my silence. Expect to hear from me soon with a post on where I am from my last relaxer.

All about Hair Growth

So as part of my leave no man behind series I wanted to talk about Hair Growth vs Hair Retention. The whole key to getting our hair to grow long is to understand these two terms and how this understanding changes our approach. As I started researching on this topic I realised that there was so much material to cover so I have now split the post into 2.

Hair Growth refers to the hair coming out of your scalp. Many black people believe that our hair (as a race) grows slower than other races hair. Interestingly enough I once read an article on the internets and it said that the average growth rate for hair is 6″ a year. Asian people’s hair grows slightly above this average (6.5″) and African hair grows slightly below this average (5.5″). Caucasians hair sticks to this average of 6″ a year.

Interesting isn’t it. According to science your hair grows at least 5.5″ (13.9CM) a year!.

Calculating Hair Growth…

So … ehem it should take about 2.5 years to get from neck length to waist length (I assume 10″ is neck length). This fact on hair growth is so hard to believe because we actually rarely get to see this hair growth… but I have proof!

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Come back baby wash day

Hahaha! This post title has me tickled. Back in the day we used to have this acronym “cbb” or “come back baby”, used to describe a series of actions a guy would take to try get his girlfriend  back after he foolishly cast her aside/done her wrong.

An example of someone in the middle of CBB (source)

An example of someone in the middle of CBB (source)

I have to confess I havent been doing right by my hair and I wanted to ask 4 forgiveness. So I devised a wash day that could let my hair know its my boo and that it must not give up on us.

The weapon in my arsenal: a hot oil treatment!

Hot oil treatment genius

I didn’t just decide to do a hot oil treatment from nowhere – Uzoma from don’t  touch my hair was the  first one to tell me about this hot oil treatment challenge that Jay and Jen are on. Its been sooooo long since I did a hot oil treatment that I decided to join in on the fun – just once. So kudos to the geniuses (wait, what’s the plural of that word?) that gave me the brilliant CBB idea.

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Castor Oil Challenge 2015

I am part of a healthy hair network -or a hair forum called Hairlista. I love Hairlista and my fellow ‘listas to bits because they have got my back; especially when it comes to growing my hair healthy and long. We spend hours talking about what we want to do with our hair, what our goals and aims are and the best part is the encouragement and solutions that everyone is so ready to give when you hit a setback. So our fair leader Sunshyne put up a post a few weeks ago and she basically said that the castor oil challenge was starting soon. I currently have a nape and hair-line situation and I want to deal with that. The castor oil challenge is the perfect opportunity for me to work on what is troubling me the most while I have fun with my fellow teammates. The castor oil challenge runs from the 19th of September to the 19th of December.

“What is a castor oil challenge?” you ask? A typical oil challenge on Hairlista is when we focus on using mainly one oil; applying it to our scalps, adding the oil to our conditioners and using the oil to seal our hair. Each oil that you can use in your hair has its own benefits and this focused time (3 months) of applying this one oil in particular is supposed to let you see a marked difference in your hair in line with these said benefits. This particular challenge focuses on using castor oil. So for example castor oil is an oil that helps thicken hair and promotes growth. Castor oil is also a humectant which means it draws water to the hair strand – ultimately resulting in hydrated hair. The castor oil challenge basically states that after 3 months your hair should be thicker or stronger and better hydrated. In a lot of cases I have seen it result in longer hair as well. Everyone posts a starting picture and another picture at the end of the challenge and the person who has made the most progress wins!

On the castor Oil challenge for thicker hair in 2015. click for more details.

I will be posting random castor oil facts until this challenge is over!

I have never participated in a castor oil challenge – even though it is my go-to favourite oil. I have observed them time and time again and I have found that while only one winner is chosen for the

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New Products in: Perm Rods and Elasta QP

Hi guys! A few weeks back I spoke about the Raru order I wanted to make; my wish list as it were. Well my perm rods and latch hook have arrived! I also got some Elasta QP products while I was on holiday in Durban thanks to Lungi’s product post. This isn’t a product review post! its just an I’m-gushing-with-excitement-I-have-to-tell-you informative post. Here is more on the Perm rods (or Cold Wave rods as others call them) .

These are all long #coldwaverods .yellow 3/16″ Blue 1/4″ peach 5/16″ grey 3/8″

A photo posted by kangopie (@kangopie) on

I got long and short rods in every color in the picture above but I don’t think I will be able to use the short rods for anything because my hair barely gets on the long rods (more on that next time). I love the quality of the perm rods.

My #latchhook is here too! But u see that packaging. ..yup you guessed it made in china….

A photo posted by kangopie (@kangopie) on

I got the Latch Crochet hook for R230 and the first thing I saw was this plastic wrap this hook was in and I realized I have seen this type of packaging before – on most things that I buy from the Chinese mall!! So I am wondering If it will be easier to find the hook in south africa if I take the product with me to the China Mall (hmmm)….

I got three Elasta QP products The Intense fortifying hair conditioning treatment, The Olive Oil & Mango butter Leave in conditioner and lastly the DPR-11+ deep penetrating remoisturizing conditioner. I am trying to finish up products now so that I can try out these products.

I will keep you guys updated. Did I mention I am on a castor Oil challenge? More on that in the next post.

When The Relaxer Saves you

Guys this is the first time I am writing my relaxer update post within 7 days of my last relaxer! I am so excited to be finally sticking to my word of posting these updates sooner rather than later. So I am going to tell you the TALE that is my last relaxer day. Can I just say my hair was in a state before this relaxer; I will be the first to say that I wasn’t looking after my hair as well as I should have and that could be the reason why relaxer had to come save me from the situation. I actually included two wash day updates in this one post as well, this is going to be fun.
My last relaxer update went very well . I texlaxed my hair as always. Click here to read more - did I make it to Bra Strap Length

Couldn’t go back to ORS Relaxer

If you recall at the beginning of the year I declared that I would be relaxing my hair every 4 months (16 weeks) but I have to tell you guys, I have not been able to keep to my own schedule. I got to 5 months again, and again; I was not mentally prepared for it. The tangles in my hair were epic. I was only combing my hair once a week but last week I just couldn’t any more – I couldn’t even do a decent job of finger detangling. So I called my friend and asked her to help me with my relaxer. @TiredOfCreatingUserNames (or TOCU as i fondly call her) said we would do my hair on Wednesday. All I had to do was to buy my African Pride Olive Miracle relaxer and be on standby for my Wednesday thing.

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